Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello Beijing!

I had this opportunity to travel to Beijing for work with a client (Montblanc). My task was to bring some of Malaysia's key media to witness the unveiling of the newest 4-storey Montblanc flagship store in Sanlitun, Beijing. The JW Marriott Beijing was my home for 3-nights and true to its 5-star promise, my room was beautifully appointed.
Guests received a personal handwritten welcome letter from Montblanc and a delicate pink rose
Even the hotel room keycard was branded with the event name
As a PR consultant, I thought that the Montblanc La Rose de Monaco event held on 1st June was unlike any event I've ever organized or attended. The event paid tribute to the late Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco and the brand dedicated a collection of jewels in her name. It was a super luxe event and the red carpet arrivals were worthy of the annual Oscars. In fact, I was standing in the same room as Jessica Alba and Naomi Watts at the press conference! Needless to say, security was extremely tight and none of us could get anywhere near them. I was told that Prince Albert (son of Princess Grace) and wife Princess Charlene Wittstock was supposed to be there, but had official royal duties so they had to give this a miss.
The boutique in daylight
The day before the event - the "Streets of Monaco" setup
The setup and construction was massive. It was like walking through the streets of Monaco complete with a backdrop of Casino de Monaco. Several exotic-looking Chinese celebrities, Maggie Cheung, Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts and Amber Heard all graced the red carpet looking really hot. But what caught my attention most was the arrival of Nicolas Cage - my all time favourite Hollywood hunk (although he has aged over the years of his career). He seemed quite humble as opposed to the other stars - standing on his feet the entire time to allow starstrucked guests (including me) to take pictures of him. Notice my usage of the word "of" and not "with".
With some awesome Malaysian media. I'm so proud of their punctuality
More Malaysian media. The green tiled building in the background is called the Opposite House where Jessica Alba stayed.
Some more Malaysian media. I made sure I took a photo with everyone
With gorgeous Malaysian model, emcee and host for NTV7 Elaine Daly
Guess who? It's Nic Cage!
The evening ended with a tour of the very interactive, new concept boutique. I thought it was a fantastic experience for me to have been part of an international event of this scale... I can't even begin to put a price tag on it.
Prince Albert's favourite picture of his mother Grace Kelly projected on the Montblanc building

Inside the boutique, almost everything was Grace Kelly-inspired
A vintage car in one of Kelly's movies

To Catch A Thief was one of her famous movies

Guests can take pictures with a Grace Kelly lookalike. They look so similar it's almost freaky

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  1. I am so jealous you get to meet all the celebrities in person. And you finally get to meet Nicholas Cage. He's a great actor. You are super lucky, sweet heart. Looking very glamorous! Love.