Thursday, September 12, 2013

Watch the Burberry S/S2014 Womenswear Show Live!

It's always a pleasure to be able to livestream Christopher Bailey's collections from London :) Burberry fans will not need to fly all the way to London to watch his fashion shows coz it will be livestreamed across a few social media platforms and also on some selected blog sites. The show is only a few days away and I'm so excited! Watch the livestream here on 16th Sept, 2.30pm UK time (9.30pm Malaysian time). Let's countdown to the show together :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

1920s Birthday Party

30s is the new 20s! Here's a very belated birthday post for my dear friend Pam. Her actual birthday falls on 22 July - sorry Pam!

Her family is always very sporting and threw her a nice party at Ril's in Bangsar :)

Pam picked her own party theme which is the 1920s to say bye to her 20s and hi to the big 3-0. Nice to see everyone all dressed up in vintage looks. It's my favourite era. The party looked like a scene unfolded from The Great Gatsby lol! Kudos to the men who came in dapper suits, suspenders and fedoras.

Here I am with the birthday girl:

There was a Wall of Pam photowall:

Aunty Sue, Pam's mum's birthday was on that same night:

I wore a baroque print Topshop off-shoulder dress with a Zara fur stole. Of course gotta add on some pearls to jive with the era :) Got some makeup artist to do my makeup and old skool hairdo. Found the vintage looking hairclips from Diva.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Singapore & Indigo Pearl Resort, Phuket

If you browsed through my blog, it may seem like I've forgotten that I started this blog. That's the problem with me. I'm lazy to download pictures from my phone/camera to my computer. Throw in the fact that I've been busy at home and office workload has been piling up too.

So that's why this post is a "rojak" post as I am combining my recent travels to Singapore and Phuket, on two separate occasions.

Singapore (26 - 28 July 2013)
The objective of this trip was to do some visiting with family and friends, but I ended up having a food fest. Spent a day shopping and just exploring Marina Bay Sands and Orchard Road with Natasha, who happened to be there too coz of the long holiday weekend. Best part of the trip was the food. Never say no to good food right? We had lunch at db Bistro Moderne at MBS, a celebrity chef restaurant by Daniel Boulud. What was memorable was the dessert - a warm basket of madeleines with a light dusting of sugar :)
Foie gras burger at db Bistro Moderne

At the Louis Vuitton Island Maison at MBS
We had dinner at a restaurant at Duxton Hill which wasn't too memorable so then we proceeded to PS Café at Ann Siang Hill for dessert. We had the profiteroles with ice-cream and the banana butterscotch cake with caramel. What an explosion on the palate!

And then there was PAUL'S, a little French café at Takashimaya. The first time I had the lemon tart at PAUL'S was when I was in Paris. I was so excited to try it again and it didn't disappoint. I even tapau-ed the tarts back to KL. If I had the money, I'd start a PAUL'S franchise here in KL... lol!

Phuket (10 - 13 August 2013)
Went for a short getaway to Phuket with the husband :) We stayed at Indigo Pearl Resort at Nai Yang beach which was only a 5min drive from the airport, so it was very convenient. Indigo Pearl is a resort inspired by tin mine so the concept was very industrial in its décor yet oddly calming.

My favourite part of the resort was our room. It was spacious, cozy and I love the bathroom with its huge tub and open shower.

We just spent our time hanging out by the three amazing pools at the resort. Remaining time were pent lazing around, eating and exploring the resort grounds.

Had dinner one night at the resort's popular 5-star Thai restaurant Black Ginger. Authentic and very nice food indeed - no wonder it's a must-do at Indigo Pearl. Everything is black here, even the plates and bowls.

The resort's quaint bar which was called Tongkha Tin Syndicate. Beautiful steel and metal décor...

Nightlife lovers, be prepared to be bored out of your minds coz there are very few bars and clubs around. The only alcohol you'll get is from the restaurants right opposite the resort where we had most of our meals.

Lastly, here's a picture of our nightcap - a chilled glass of margarita and the yummiest Thai mango sticky rice I've ever had.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Expanding Too-Tight Shoes

I bought this quirky pair of Fiorucci comic-print flats over the weekend and decided to wear them on the spot coz I just love them so much. One hour into walking around the mall, my feet felt like they were squashed in them. If feet could breathe, mine would have died. So reluctantly, I changed back into my old flats. It really bothered me that I bought them to small and would never wear them again... so sad, coz they're so pretty... They were in my size, but maybe my feet expanded just a wee bit.  

So I went home and google-d for tips to stretch shoes. Even went to the extend of going to Ikea to purchase the OMSORG shoe tree. I placed them in the flats for a good 24 hours before trying them again. Managed to stretch them by maybe a minute 2mm. Not good enough. 

I was quite surprised that the internet offers hundreds of tips to stretch shoes. Some involve Ziploc bags, water and a freezer, others require stretching liquid. One caught my mind that doesn't involve stuffing your  shoes in the freezer among your poultry and ice-cream *yucks*, so I decided to try - and lo and behold, it worked like a charm!

Here's what you need - a pair or two or really thick socks, a hairdryer and too-tight shoes. Put on the socks  (make sure they're really thick) and then stuff your feet into the shoes. This will hurt but it will be worth it in the end!

Next, take the hairdryer and heat up the areas that are tight for 5 minutes while stretching and flexing your feet. Let them cool while keeping the shoes on.

When they're cool, remove the socks and check the fit of the shoes. Mine fit like a glove! Repeat the process if they're still tight. It's a tried and tested tip, but only if your shoes are 1/2 to 1 size smaller than your usual size.

Perfect fit
I'm gonna do it again tonight to loosen it a bit more :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Bernard Chandran's "The Contemporary Malay Wedding" Exhibition

I travelled to Pahang for a one-night trip on Monday for internationally-acclaimed Malaysian fashion designer Bernard Chandran's "The Contemporary Malay Wedding" exhibition. The exhibition was presented in the stunning Sultan Abu Bakar Museum, in Pekan, the Royal town of Pahang state, and it explores Chandran's unique and contemporary interpretations of traditional wedding attire, through a discerning selection of his own past and present designs as well as related film footage, archive photography and text.

With the approval of the Royal Family of Brunei, whom - along with artists and celebrities from the international entertainment industries - rank among Chandran's most high profile clientele, the centrepiece to the exhibition is an array of original designs which he created specifically for some of their own Royal weddings, during the past two decades.

These remarkable creations have, with great generosity of spirit, been exclusively loaned to "The Contemporary Malay Wedding" from members of the Royal Family's own personal archives. The exhibition includes, among many other must-see pieces, Chandran's incredible designs for the 2005 wedding of Princess Hamidah, the daughter of Prince Jefri of Brunei; the 2007 wedding of Princess Majeedah, the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei; the 2012 wedding of Princess Hafizah, the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei, in addition to the design notably made for and worn by Dr Halina Mohd Yunos, the wife of Malaysia's first astronaut, for their wedding in 2010.

The spectacular Muzium Sultan Abu Bakar in Pekan, Pahang
My favourite piece worn by Datin Dr. Halina Mohd. Yunos, wife of Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, Malaysia’s first astronaut
Worn by Dayangku Ratna Siti Nooraishah
Design: Short modern Kurung in royal blue Jong Sarat
Another one of my favourites worn by Tengku Dato’ Nurul Kamalia bt Tengku Besar Pahang Tengku Kamil Ismail
Design: Short Kebaya in light gold beige Jong Sarat
From Bernard Chandran's Petang Raya 2008 / 2009 collection. A modern Kurung in pure white silk jersey
From the Swarovski Spring Summer 2003 Collection KL.
Design: Modern Short Kebaya in lace and songket
From Rias Fashion Show 1996
Design: Long Kebaya in beige Lurex lace
Also worn by Dayangku Ratna Siti Nooraishah at her Muleh Tiga Hari ceremony
Design: Modern Short Kurung in Red and Gold Jong Sarat
This piece was specially designed for the museum
Design: Updated version of the Kurung Pesak Gantung, traditional embroidery with ’Zardozi work’(wired-work) with pearls and glass crystals
From the Piala Seri Endon 2002 collection
Design: Modern Kebaya with beadings on lace and chiffon
An intricate veil to complement one of the dresses
"The Contemporary Malay Wedding" runs from 27th June 2013 until 27th February 2014. The exhibition is open on Tuesdays to Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00am to 5.00pm; Fridays from 9.00am to 12.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm and close on Mondays.

Sigh... seeing all those designs made me wanna get married all over again... The museum was modern and spectacular the, and the 4-hour journey by bus to Pahang was so worth it. Here are some photos I took with  my fellow travellers:

With all my favourite fashion editors the different publications
Yana, fashion editor of EH! is gorgeous as always. Love her floral pants :)