Monday, July 1, 2013

Expanding Too-Tight Shoes

I bought this quirky pair of Fiorucci comic-print flats over the weekend and decided to wear them on the spot coz I just love them so much. One hour into walking around the mall, my feet felt like they were squashed in them. If feet could breathe, mine would have died. So reluctantly, I changed back into my old flats. It really bothered me that I bought them to small and would never wear them again... so sad, coz they're so pretty... They were in my size, but maybe my feet expanded just a wee bit.  

So I went home and google-d for tips to stretch shoes. Even went to the extend of going to Ikea to purchase the OMSORG shoe tree. I placed them in the flats for a good 24 hours before trying them again. Managed to stretch them by maybe a minute 2mm. Not good enough. 

I was quite surprised that the internet offers hundreds of tips to stretch shoes. Some involve Ziploc bags, water and a freezer, others require stretching liquid. One caught my mind that doesn't involve stuffing your  shoes in the freezer among your poultry and ice-cream *yucks*, so I decided to try - and lo and behold, it worked like a charm!

Here's what you need - a pair or two or really thick socks, a hairdryer and too-tight shoes. Put on the socks  (make sure they're really thick) and then stuff your feet into the shoes. This will hurt but it will be worth it in the end!

Next, take the hairdryer and heat up the areas that are tight for 5 minutes while stretching and flexing your feet. Let them cool while keeping the shoes on.

When they're cool, remove the socks and check the fit of the shoes. Mine fit like a glove! Repeat the process if they're still tight. It's a tried and tested tip, but only if your shoes are 1/2 to 1 size smaller than your usual size.

Perfect fit
I'm gonna do it again tonight to loosen it a bit more :)

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