Monday, September 2, 2013

1920s Birthday Party

30s is the new 20s! Here's a very belated birthday post for my dear friend Pam. Her actual birthday falls on 22 July - sorry Pam!

Her family is always very sporting and threw her a nice party at Ril's in Bangsar :)

Pam picked her own party theme which is the 1920s to say bye to her 20s and hi to the big 3-0. Nice to see everyone all dressed up in vintage looks. It's my favourite era. The party looked like a scene unfolded from The Great Gatsby lol! Kudos to the men who came in dapper suits, suspenders and fedoras.

Here I am with the birthday girl:

There was a Wall of Pam photowall:

Aunty Sue, Pam's mum's birthday was on that same night:

I wore a baroque print Topshop off-shoulder dress with a Zara fur stole. Of course gotta add on some pearls to jive with the era :) Got some makeup artist to do my makeup and old skool hairdo. Found the vintage looking hairclips from Diva.

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