Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Euro 2012 and Diablo Addictions

While I'm watching Demi Lovato's new music video and wishing I have her thick and luscious hair, Alwin is hooked to his PC playing Diablo. That's only one half of his addiction this month. The other half goes to daily midnight football matches thanks to Euro 2012.
It occurred to me a few days ago that Alwin and I have been through two Euro tournaments together, and I made sure he is aware of this fact. I'm pretty sure he thinks that playing computer games serves as a distraction for time to pass faster so he can immerse himself in the matches sooner.

Euro aside, I caught a glimpse of his Whatsapp message from his friend during dinner one day and it said, "Jom Diablo!". His reply? "Give me 15 minutes. I have to do the dishes first". Haha! Well, at least he still knows how to prioritize, which is great.

Sigh... Men and their weird passions - if it's not football, it's gadgets and games. I guess I'll let Alwin have his fun for now. Besides, I think he deserves it for being so awesome :)

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