Monday, June 11, 2012

Bridesmaids' Attire Inspiration

A colleague was telling me recently that she'll be a bridesmaid at one of her friend's wedding in Singapore come July. The colour theme is blue and she's in charge of styling the bridesmaids. The bride didn't want the typical bridesmaids dresses you see in every wedding, so I could imagine the daunting task she has.

When she shared with me this picture of a Vogue cover, I thought she was genius. Crisp white shirts teamed with electric blue flowing skirts preferably with tulle underneath will make the bridesmaids look like they've just stepped out from a fashion spread. When styled properly, the effect will be stylish, unique and nothing short of spectacular.
I'd go for the powder blue tulle skirt anytime
There's also this other peek-a-boo dress that she shared which was also lovely but more suited for a guest at a ballroom wedding. Not so much for a bridesmaid for fear that she might upstage the bride. 

Seriously, one can get inspired anywhere.
Chiffon and lace - a perfect combo

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