Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Wedding of Vanessa & Moots - 15.10.2011

Let me backtrack a bit here. Now, Vanessa and Moots' wedding is a wedding that's worth a mention. I usually don't remember dates of friends' weddings, but this one I remember very clearly. It was a beautiful sunset wedding held in a glass chapel called The Ritual in Bali and later on, the reception at a lawn next to it. The chapel was perched on a cliff and bestowed upon us a lovely view, but it was quite scary looking downwards.

Upon receiving a verbal invitation, Alwin and I promptly booked our flights and accommodation 5 months prior! It was such a privilege to be invited as it was also our first time attending a destination wedding.

Vanessa wore a custom-made wedding gown with see-through panelling at the sides by local designer Alvin Tay and then changed into a mini cocktail dress with a train which she bought from Australia. It was a good idea as I imagined that it could have been quite difficult to manoeuvre a long gown and high heels on grassy earth. Moots also changed into a more casual getup of a linen shirt and white pants - a combo that only a flamboyant performer can pull off.

I loved everything about the wedding, but if I had to choose one thing, it would be the fireworks that lit the sky after the champagne-popping ceremony!

Enjoy the pictures below, courtesy of Vanessa and shot by Iwan Photography.

Here comes the groom in his shiny suit
Vanessa with her dad
A magnificent chandelier just adds to the romantic atmosphere
Sharing a knowing look
Tossing of rose petals - I like!
I almost caught the bouquet but water from the flowers were spraying all over us so I lost focus
3 ladies, 1 gentleman and fireworks in the background

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