Friday, November 2, 2012

The Very First

Firstly, happy belated Halloween!

I just can't believe how time flies. This day last year I woke up knowing that I have deeply committed myself to someone and that I will no longer be a single girl. Yes, Alwin and I signed the legal marriage papers on 1st November 2011. There were five '1's penned on the date of our marriage certificate. Pretty auspicious, huh?

Sometimes it just feels like a wonderful dream, waking up to this great man every morning... well, not every morning (I sometimes stay over at my parents' place). I must say we're both still in a honeymoon state. No kids, therefore no challenges, but still plenty of alone time, time for friends, dates and movie night-outs, which I really, really treasure. I think we both do. The only challenge? Me putting on weight.

Thirty8 at Grand Hyatt KL, here we come to celebrate our very first.

Enjoying the view from the level 38

Shellfish bisque

Our giant plate of meat - so full I couldn't have dessert 

I know many brides (me included) often forget that a marriage is NOT a wedding. A wedding is for a day, but a marriage lasts a lifetime. Amidst the joys of planning a dream wedding with the perfect dress, perfect shoes and perfect flowers, we often forget what we are planning for in the long run. Ever thought of a perfect marriage? I've heard from more experienced friends that it is no ABC - we both have lots to learn and discover. So far the rollercoaster ride has been pretty calm with no sudden dips or freefalls. Feels more like sitting in a 'teacup' at a funfair... spins fast enough for you to enjoy the breeze, yet no scary bits.

We've discussed it over and over again - which of these dates is our actual anniversary? The day we signed on the papers or the day I wore my wedding dress and we did our traditional tea ceremony and reception? We've decided to celebrate both days... simply because there are just never enough occasions to celebrate 'us'.

Dress, Topshop / Jacket, MNG / 6-inch heels, Vincci / Mum's Vintage Evening Bag / Necklace, H&M / Ring, Chatunchak Market, Bangkok / Bracelets, Flea Market, Chiangmai / Nails, O.P.I Did You Ear About Van Gogh

Actual honeymoon coming in December, so watch out for that!

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