Thursday, May 24, 2012

Melaka in 28 Hours

A weekend away from KL felt soooo good! I've always mentioned to family and friends that my Birthday celebration(s) last for the entire month of May. So I was once again in a celebratory mood when my parents treated us to a weekend in Melaka for a serious bout of Birthday binging. 'Us' meaning Alwin, me, Aunt Amy, Violet and Lee + girlfriend.

It was only a short 2-day/1-night trip and it flew by too quickly. We had every type of food imaginable that can be found in Melaka - Nyonya, Portuguese, chicken rice balls, dim sum and we almost overdosed on cendol. Violet even bought me a Black Forest cake. So I went ahead (again!) and cut another cake 2 weeks after my actual birthday.

While the folks went gallivanting, Alwin, Violet and I traversed the town and found ourselves at a new Spanish-inspired hotel called Casa del Rio. It's refreshing to see a new hotel in Melaka, and it was very beautiful too. We ended up eating again - this time at the hotel's River Cafe. Aptly named, as the cafe overlooks the not-so-clean Melaka River. We shared a tandoori chicken pizza named Pride and it was divine!

What other random things did we do? Let's see... We laughed a lot, bought dodol and fish crackers, went for a massage, hit the pool and got slapped with a summon for failing to display the parking coupon, which we paid only 10 bucks to settle. Almost the price of parking the car at Pavilion KL for 2 hours. Quite worth it right?

In my holiday maxi and Longchamp by Jeremy Scott bag

Violet wanted to take a picture with the 'Melaka tiles'. No difference from any other tiles to me

Check out the awesome-ness of this cendol at Cottage Spices

I thought this poster would make a good conversation-starter. Picture also taken at Cottage Spices

Camwhoring at Casa del Rio

With the hubs

Toast for three!

Here's our Pride pizza. It looks whitish from here, but it was good

Last pic before heading home. Violet in her ZARA t-shirt (which I also have) and me in my My Tee Story t-shirt from Melaka. Only 25 bucks and I love that it's so colourful
  P/S: I must say the iPhone 4S takes really good pictures!

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  1. Hi May, you look super gorgeous in that maxi dress!! Love it so muchie..
    And the pizza looks like Asian pizza, nan with toppings. lol.