Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Levieva!

It has been a really long time since I've been invited to a kid's birthday party, so it was really nice to unleash the inner child in me. My dear friend Christina's little girl Levieva (a special name for a special girl) turned 2 last Saturday! And so we all went and gathered at Chris' place and waited... and waited... and waited for the lil' princess to arrive. At last she did in grandma's arms - in a groggy, sleepy state. But once inside, she was awakened by the myriad of presents awaiting her. Mummy changed her into a diva outfit comprising a colourful tutu and feathered tiara.

Food was good, there were kids running around (as kids usually do), and some adults were getting even more excited than the kids. Why? Because this party was the real deal, complete with a bouncy castle! Too bad I was wearing a short dress, so no bouncing around for me.

We're starting them really young nowadays. I'm saying this because Levieva is a fashionista in the making with her passion for shoes.

By the time I publish this post, she would have turned 2 years and 4 days old. So Happy (Belated) Birthday once again Levieva and I know for sure that you'll grow up to be a gorgeous young lady!

Yummy mummy and baby
Being cheeky
Vanessa going "Come Levieva, do a peace sign!"
The shoe shaped birthday cake with lots of icing. Levieva is a shoe-aholic
Beautiful family
Godma Pam with the birthday girl. Little Lucie is wondering what all the commotion is about
Yours truly with the cutie
Time to unwrap my presents!

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