Friday, January 18, 2013

Weighing the Issue

It's been a little over a year since our wedding and naturally I've put back on all the weight that I specifically lost for the wedding, which is almost 5kg! I'm horrified to find that some of my clothes now have a snugger fit - oh the horrors!

Today I told myself that I will try to eat healthy, run (even if its just 10 minutes on weekends) and try to minimize snacking. The only snack that I allow are fruits so this morning before leaving for work I cut myself an apple for my teatime snack. Breakfast is maybe a sandwich or cornflakes with lowfat milk... it really depends on my tastebuds' preference.

Having typed all of the above, I'm not a person who's obsessed with weight. I think skinny people look malnourished. But I do know that some clothes look better on slim people - and notice that I used the word "slim", and not "skinny". We'll see how my mission ends.

Anyway, I think Katherine Heigl has the best shape. She always looks healthy and radiant. Her smile is infectious too. Agree?

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