Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nail Polish Crazeee

My first blog entry for October and guess what it's about? Nail polish galore! 90% of females in the office purchased nail polishes from a combined order amounting to over RM600 bucks! We could probably start a mani/pedi shop if we wanted to. Amelyn is super good at nail art and design and she can do wonders with nail polish - water marbling, polka dots - you name it, she can do it.

I love the colours I bought - Metallic 4 Life from Nicki Minaj (a glittery gel-like black), The Colour of Minnie (silvery red), Call Me Gwen-ever (orange) and Did You Ear About Van Gogh (nude) - all by OPI. I can't wait to remove my current Topshop blue nail polish and paint on new coats of colour on my nails.

I'll probably invest in more nail polishes in the coming months, depending on orders secured from the rest of the colleagues. I'm eye-ing for the James Bond Skyfall collection in The Living Daylights, a multi-coloured glitter base polish. One thing about glitter nail polishes is that they are IMPOSSIBLE to remove. But I still love all things shiny and glittery.

And I'm also excited about the Penang food trip that three of my secondary school friends and I are embarking on this weekend. More pics on that when I return.

This is what the office bought. Styled by Amelyn, using my Canon S95

Also styled by Amelyn, also using my Canon S95

My loot. I particularly love the 3rd bottle

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