Friday, September 21, 2012

H&M Fever Hits KL!

It's finally here - the much-anticipated opening of the 3-storey H&M store in Lot 10. A true shoppers' paradise as clothes here are priced reasonably yet best of all, present the best in the latest trends.

Yesterday was the media and guests launch and the queue to enter was super, super long. I wasn't there, but trust me, this is not hearsay. Two colleagues fell into the H&M "trap" when they arrived and saw the queue! Thank goodness they both bought stuff, otherwise it would be in vain... It was raining and traffic would have been horrendous.

They didn't require a launch gambit as the queue itself would have made the frontpage news. I went into several H&M stores while travelling in the UK, and was surprised that the prices were not as cheap as I thought. However, I was browsing through the H&M Malaysia website and was pleasantly surprised that the products offered here are affordable after all. Saw loads and loads of tweets by our local celebrities and bloggers raving about how awesome it is. Wished I was there, but my sore throat stopped me.

So ladies, forget about your thinning bank account - here's one more reason to shop!

Here's the crazy queue. I'm gonna visit when the storm has settled

{Picture courtesy of Amelyn Ang}

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