Monday, June 17, 2013

My Chat with Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor 2013

A long post, this one.

Since winning Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor 2013 sometime back, Nicholas Mak's schedule has been swamped with shoots, interviews and castings. I witnessed him being crowned the winner at Stage KL and remembered thinking that he's definitely in it to win it. What I like about him is despite being rather young (mid-20s, if I'm not wrong), he exudes a maturity that belies his age.

Now who doesn't like a dude who's suave, amiable, easy on the eye and has a heart of gold? Nick pledged to donate his ALL his winnings to a charitable organization. So I approached him to have a chat with me, and he agreed. His answers made me lol... thoroughly enjoyed his sarcasm. Comments in parentheses are mine :)

Malaysia knows you as Nicholas Mak, the guy who set females’ hearts aflutter and won Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2013. Who is the real Nicholas Mak?
Who is the real Nicholas Mak? *looks into the sky and ponders* How about the common misconceptions about me?
1. Nicholas is an arrogant bastard. FALSE. I am just born with a stuck-up face. When I am not talking or looking at someone in particular I tend to send out an arrogant aura. I can't help it. I am actually a very nice person *bats eyelashes*.
2. Nicholas parties like crazy. FALSE. I am so lazy to party or go to a club, “free flow” doesn’t even tickle my fancy bone.
3. Nicholas is mixed race. FALSE. I am 100% Chinese. I love my dim sum and Bak Kut Teh as much as the next guy from Kepong.
4. Nicholas has no idea what else to write. FALSE. He has one more.
5. Nicholas had lip augmentation surgery done. FALSE. Its au naturel baby. *pouts* (just a few days ago I was watching Angelina Jolie in The Tourist and Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Trust me, there's competition there.)

Has the fan craze started since you won?
My Instagram doubled its followers in the span of 4 days after I won the title. A lil secret, the “passionate” followers are not the girls... (ooh...admirers of a different kind... I like!)

What has winning Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor done for you?
Oh! The people who did not give a hoot about me is certainly much nicer to me now. They will be like “hey long time no see!”. Yeah right! You chose not to see me. Hahaha I kid! I kid! Jokes aside, it has definitely opened many doors for me in the industry. It has been a blessing.

What is the one defining moment in your life? And please don’t say winning Cleo’s EB!
LOL OK fine! It would definitely be the time when Dutch superstar DJ Sidney Samson loved my photography/videography crew’s work when we shot him when he was playing a gig here in KL. He loved it so much, he posted it all over his social media websites and official website. A defining moment in my life indeed.

What would be printed on Nicholas Mak’s t-shirt?
"I BELIEVE MY TATTOOS ARE LESS OFFENSIVE THAN YOUR STARES" (which means don't stare at him, just admire from afar, and if you want an autograph, smile shyly then faster look elsewhere)

If you were a character in FRIENDS, who would you be – Joey, Ross or Chandler?
I have actually thought about this in the past. Big fan of FRIENDS. I would be…*drum rolls* a mixture of all three! I am a bit of a geek when it comes to general knowledge and history. I love watching documentaries. So that’s Ross. I can be bloody sarcastic when needed to (I can vouch for that, after this chat). This is how I lose friends. So that’s Chandler. Last but not least, Joey. I am chasing a dream in the entertainment industry. I would love to have my own travel and tattoo show one day. I am definitely not blur like him though but I do love my food like he does.

This question was asked repeatedly at the Cleo EB Finale but it wasn’t directed to you. Now is your chance to share which part of a woman you find most attractive...
I know when I answer this, some of you will go “eh pegila lu!” but honestly I find the eyes the most attractive. A pair of beautiful eyes can just stun me and make me go speechless. If you really want the “juicy” stuff, I can never decide if I am a boobs guy or an ass guy. How can one choose? It's like forcing me to choose between chocolate or ice cream! What does one do? Mix both with a nice equal balance ;) (no one's asking for the juicy stuff, dude, but good advice nonetheless)

Which era would you transport yourself to if you have a time machine?
The 60s! Definitely '60s without thinking twice. The music, the fashion, the girls, the hippies, Woodstock69 and did I already mention how hot girls used to be back in those days? (you mean nowadays girls not hot enough for you ah?)

What are you most thankful for?
Friends. I am blessed enough to have come across people that have helped, motivated or even changed my life in a certain way. There are the messed up ones but like they say “learn from your mistakes”. I am thankful for them too. Wouldn’t have learnt otherwise.

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Why?
INSTAGRAM 4 LYFE. Why? Because there are no emo status updates like every 5 seconds, couples talking to each other on Twitter and Facebook like BBM and Whatsapp don’t exist, girls taking selfies and putting a deep philosophical caption or even a poem (how does that even relate to your duckface and half boobs sticking out photo? HOW?!) and people tagging or trying to sell me “GREEN SHAPE & GREEN DETOX TEA: The best solution for slimming”. Seriously? (now I scared to take selfies)

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