Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello! Magazine Year-end Appreciation Party

Attended the Hello! magazine year-end appreciation party last night at Bridge Bar, G Tower. I've never been to Bridge Bar before and it proved to be a refreshing change from the nightspots that I now have a love-hate relationship with.

We were hoping to snag ourselves a few lucky draw prizes, but naturally lady luck was not on our sides. Bumped into good friend Vanessa Chong and her good friend Rozie. They were all so glamourous so we also pretended to be socially active and glamourous as well.

Two beautiful ladies on my left, Vanessa and Rozie, both voted as Glam Malaysia's "20 Most Glam 2012"

I naturally took this opportunity to show off my new water marbling nail art. No, water marbling is not a fizzy drink. It's a form of nail art that utilizes water, nail polishes in different colours and cellophane to tape your fingers combined with a skill of breath-holding accuracy when submerging your nails in the water - a lot of time and work involved, really.

Water marbling nail art - engagement ring and wedding band are my best accessories

It's my first time trying out water marbling on my nails, and I love what Amelyn from Mani-Maniac has done! The colour combination really pops! I'll probably try the technique on my own next time, but for now, I'm just gonna sit back and admire my new nail art. I'm very careless with my nails but I'm hoping the (free!) manicure will last for at least a week.

By the way, here are the stuff we got from the party :)

Cute cupcake
 Next, up - Boracay! I can't wait for that - will post pictures!

On me: Floral toga dress, Forever 21 / Belt, Forever 21 / Clutch, Nose
On my nails: China Glaze nail polishes in 108 Degrees (hot pink) and First Class Ticket (purple)  

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