Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dad's Surprise Birthday Dinner

My Dad's birthday was on 30th June and we planned a surprise birthday dinner for him at Grandmama's at Pavilion KL. Alwin and I had the easiest task, which was to bring Dad to the restaurant without giving anything away. Easy because my Dad, being a simple man, doesn't really asks for or expects much. Violet bought the cake and did the balloon decorations, which she lugged all the way from Publika. Mum and aunt simply had to turn up :)

We had a double celebration, considering Violet's brother Lee, turned 32 last weekend. Lee's girlfriend Yvonne also to "con" him to the restaurant. And then we dramatically pretended to bump into each other.

I must say we were pretty good at this "surprise party" thingy, having only planned it for two weeks. We were all happy and merry, except for the fact that I had a terrible dry cough before and throughout the dinner.

So, if anyone wants a party planned, you know where to reach me...

The Birthday boys

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